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Very happy!

I love drinking water and try and drink as much as I can throughout the day but I was finding it annoying how different that it tasted everywhere I filled my bottle up. Well I don’t have that problem anymore. Thanks to my new Epic filter bottle I get refreshing, pleasant tasting water everywhere I go!!!

Great portable filter! Best investment ever

Since purchasing this filter, it has made filling up my water bottle a must! No more unknown tap water chemical taste. Highly recommend to anyone that purely drinks filtered water but has limited access to it. Coming from somebody who drinks anywhere from 3-6 litres a day, it’s refreshing knowing that my water is in its purest form. Do yourself a favour and make the investment!!

Water filter

Makes me so happy every time I drink my water with this filter. Very happy. Thanks

Excellent filter products! I am a licensed water treatment plant operator, I know!

I have searched the web for years and looked at hundreds of water filter products and I believe these are some of the best water filters on the marketplace for the money! Feel free to email me if you have any questions. My name is Paul and my email is:

Better than Brita

I love this bottle particularly the flip top straw. I hike a ton and having the cap on a filter bottle (like the Brita) is not convenient. The Epic bottle is perfect - I ordered another!


We have been please with the Nano pitcher and the staff for all their help

These filters truly are EPIC!

Been buying and using these filters for over a year. Our water was never been this good with the standard (yet high quality) filters we were using before. Pricy? Yes. Worth it however, in my opinion. LC

Nothing but Clean Water

Had a built in refrigerator filter, but the water still had a bit of a chlorine and unpleasant taste in general. Nothing bad to drink, but just not pleasant. I could get used to it, but this filter 100% fixed the issue. Water now tastes like water. No flavors, not chlorine, just clean water. Highly recommend Epic Filters.

Easy Peezy!

I was using a rather expensive water unit that was a total pain! It would clog up frequently, the filters were expensive and the decalcifying process was a complete pain and never seemed to make the unit work as advertised. In fact, before I ordered my Epic Water, I was ready to take it out back and shoot it! Thanks so much Epic Water for making my life easier!

Epic Water Jug

Extremely happy with my water filter jug. I did have the opposition brand previously but Epic is better. I am currently waiting on a new order of filters to arrive.

Excellent filtration!

I was a bottled water w#$÷e to say the least. But, in 2020 I wanted to do better for the environment and my pocket. So I did some researching on the best filters. When deciding on Epic, I felt good about the filter manufacturing location, their ample amounts of chemicals and particals that their filter claimed to remove, and I liked their auto ship option too. But once I received it, I put it to the test. It works! It makes nasty, chlorine tasting Baltimore City water tast better than most bottled waters! And I'm picky on my bottled waters! A friend and I even decided to see if it would filter cranberry juice. Well, it did!! The cranberry juice came out of the bottom with just a hint of pink coloring and hardly any taste!! At that point I was hooked and knew it did its job! Customer for life!

Quality filter

This is a large jug with an efficient gravity filter that produces a noticeably softer and smoother taste and feel. I am not in a position to test the filtration of contaminants but the list is comprehensive. Good everyday water filter jug.

No longer brown ice

Easy to install and within a few ice cycles my ice is clean and clear. No more off taste in my ice water !
Highly recommend!

We drink so much now!!

I got one for everyone in our family and ever since we drink so much water because it actually tastes good! Our city water is basically pool water and these filters take away ALL the chlorine taste. Such an awesome product...lifetime user right here!

Great product

So glad I chose to make this purchase.
Just from a pure taste perspective, the difference between filtered and unfiltered water is unmistakable. I love my epic filter.

Visible results

I bought the filter pitcher because I make cold brew coffee. When I brew the coffee with tap water and let it sit in the fridge overnight, there is always a semi-solid sludge at the bottom. Really gross. Using filtered water has made the sludge disappear. My coffee also tastes better.


I get the filters automatically sent to me. I’m very happy with this Epic filters

New color same otherwise

Was a bit confused when my new filter came for my nano. Thought I received the wrong one as my last one was white , which I actually prefer , somehow it makes me feel it’s cleaner psychologically. If there were mold , anything growing on it I could see it on a white filter. The new one is dark grey. So wish they had sent out notification of color change with an explanation why? Otherwise completely happy with my pitcher.

Epic Nano Water Jug

The water taste is superb. I find mysel drink far more water now that I no longer smell taste chemical directly from the tap water. I loved that it came packaged in biodegradable packaging too. Whilst the jug itself is too large to sit in my fridge I decant the water into a glass jug so I can have chilled water whenever I fancy and I keep the Epic jug next to my kettle to top up as necessary or to use for stove top cooking of rice/veg etc. I love that we can send used filters back to further protect the environment. Very impressed with service and customer care.

Best Water Filter!

Awesome water filter. You will taste the difference instantly. Worth every penny!!

Seems great so far!

Loving the water bottle! The straw is great and the mouth piece is comfy. My only complaint is that the filter doesn't reach as low as it can go and so you have to refill the water bottle when it's a little less than a quarter full because the straw can't reach that far.

Service easy to receive. Water tasted great.


It is reassuring to know that I am drinking healthy water. I appreciate your concern for our water and environment. Even the plastic the filter was wrapped in is compostable. Thank you

EPIC water pitcher

Very easy to use. MY 2 young children drink more water now because they say it tastes so good!