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Epic Nano Pitcher Replacement Filter
Kristina A. (Gold Coast, QLD, AU)
Love it.

Use it every day water, tastes amazingly pure.

Great costumer service

Excellent customer service and brilliant tasting water!

I will always purchase this product as it the best quality water I have tasted!

Water filters

Love, love, LOVE this company.
I have been using these water filter for over a year now. By far the best i’ve have had.
Delivery is quick and simple too.
I love that you can out your order on hold too, and return when needed.

Tastes Like Springwater

Beautiful fresh and pure tasting water.

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Deborah P. (Canberra, ACT, AU)

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter

I can drink my water with peace of mind

Happy with my purchase knowing that I get to keep my body from unnecessary additives, harmful to health. Thank you for addressing this concern :)

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Jerry J. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
epic is awesome

Best tasting water! :)

Excellent Filter

Arrived quickly, love this filter.

Epic Nano Pitcher Replacement Filter
Akira M. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Good job!

As an expatriate assigned to Australia, ensuring the safety of drinking water was extremely important.

In Brisbane, it was already known through web research that tap water could be drunk as potable water. However, there was one issue. The fact that fluoride is added to the tap water. Fluoride is a substance of much debate, and I wanted to avoid it as much as possible. After some research, I found a product from a company called Epic Water, based in North America.

When I was in Japan, I had a Panasonic water purifier installed at home, which removed 19 substances with its filter. The safety of the drinking water was well assured. Moreover, the filter was excellent as it lasted for two years with a daily usage of 15 liters. Therefore, I was looking for something that would ensure the safety of drinking water and offer cost performance.

Epic Water's filter was expensive, but it was perfect in terms of the most important point, the removal of fluoride. Having used it, I would like to say that it is extremely satisfactory. In addition, if you make regular purchases, you can get the filter cheaper than expected. I recommend it to anyone who is concerned about ensuring the safety of their drinking water.

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Anonymous (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Fantastic filters

I've been using epic water filters for a couple years now, and I'm so grateful for them. Drinking straight tap water affects my health quite badly, so I really rely on decent filtration.

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Carlos N. (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Great filter!

Very happy with this product, it sets my mind at ease to know I am drinking such good quality water, it tastes and feels great!

Epic Pure | Removes Fluoride
sherrie h. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Wow! what a difference!

We purchased one of their pitcher filters for ourselves and our daughter's family and wow, the difference in the taste of the water was really really noticeable. It was smoother and had a lovely clean taste to it. One of our grandchildren actually made the comment "I like drinking water now, nanny. It tastes nice." They fill the jug at night and then fill their water bottles for school with it.

We all tried some tap water a few days later and yep you could taste how metallic it really is.

We are so pleased with our purchase and highly recommend this product. The service was easy and they delivered as promised.

Thank you

S & D Hatfield


Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Tiarne R. (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Amazing filter

I’ve been using this filter for two years now and it is amazing. I always know when I am drinking water from the tap versus water from my epic filters jug. You can really taste the difference! I’m so glad I bought it when I was pregnant to protect myself and my children from the nasties hidden in our water.

Epic Pure Dispenser
Rachel C.
Water Quality

My husband and I love the quality of water, it tastes better than the instant tap ones and it would because they don’t eliminate even a quarter of what this filter does.

Epic Pure Dispenser
infransible (Sydney, NSW, AU)

water tastes way better than brita!


Since using this water bottle, I manage to drink 2l of water each day. No matter where I am or what is happening, I can fill up the water bottle and know that it's going to be beautifully clean, fresh tasting water. My husband now uses an Epic Water Bottle too. We both highly recommend them because they work (look good, easy to cart around, effective filtration & long lasting, better tasting water, amzing impact on hydration & health).

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Vik B. (Gold Coast, QLD, AU)
Great long-term solution👍🏻

The epic filter and jug works great. Water tastes great and saves us a lot of money plus eco friendly solution. Don’t hesitate to get it, it’s worth the money. Highly recommend!🌟

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Robert O.C. (Sydney, NSW, AU)

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Darren N. (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Great water for me and my dog

Happily using the jug to filter everything we drink. It's great. Quick easy and tastes great. Peace of mind I'm removing a lot of things that's not great for dogs (fluoride specially).

Very happy

The filter (and dispenser) works great. Water quality is excellent after filtering and doesn't take too long to go through. Can't wait til we can recycle/send back filters too!

Great Quality Water Everytime

Water always taste so clean and chemical free! And it's one of only a one of a few filtration jugs I know of that removes poisonous fluoride too!

Epic Escape | Glass 32 oz
Darcy H. (Perth, WA, AU)

It wasn’t in stock when the website said it was, but the people were really nice about it.

Epic Pure | Removes Fluoride
Toula B. (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Epic Water Jug

Recently purchased what a difference
No more tap water for me

Epic Nano Pitcher Replacement Filter
Hemal (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Great Filters!

I've been using Epic Water filters for years and find them to be great at filtering out all the contaminants in my tap water. I particularly like the Epic Water dispenser as it carries a large amount of water to last throughout the day and more. I did a lot of research on water filters and this one came up to be the most effective. Highly recommend Epic Water to anyone.