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Epic Water Review

So far I am very happy with the filter. Water tastes better and for one person it is sufficient to meet my needs.

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter.

Everything fits and works very well. Very fast delivery - thank you.

Epic Pure | Removes Fluoride
Ralph H. (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Pure water

The filtered water tastes like pure water. Nuff said!


I've tried a number of jug water filters and the ones from Epic are the best. The most important thing is that the water tastes great, and I've signed up for a subscription which makes replacement super easy. Very happy.

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Stephen M. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Excellent product

Water always tastes clean and fresh, so much better than other brands I've tried. Been using Epic for a couple of years now, product always arrives on time. Recommend Epic over any other brands out there.


Have not had to replace filter yet.very happy with the jug.

Epic Pure | Removes Fluoride
Jerry J. (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Best tasting water

I was delighted when drinking my 1st glass of water filtered by epic. Have Since bought one for my daughter and will get another soon. Good work

Love These Filters!!

I absolutely love these filters and the pitcher jugs. My water has never been so clean and refreshing, and having peace of mind that I'm not drinking a lot of nasty things that come out of the tap is priceless. Best pitcher filters I've found anywhere!

Great customer service

Well, I guess it had to happen, but my filter didn't last the 90 days. After one text message it was replaced, free of charge.
Now you can't ask for more than that from any company.
I can fully recommend them to anyone.
And, oh yeah, the water tastes absolutely pure.
Fantastic product and customer service.

I've found my favourite water filter

Great tasting water. I've now found my favourite water filter.

These filters are great at filtering city water which is what I use it for the most. Definitely a repurchase even though they are a little pricey. Great investment into health though.

Epic Nano | Removes Bacteria / Virus
Kate M. (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Great product

Very happy with my purchase of this water filter jug. I can definitely taste the difference in my water - much more than with other similar products I have used in the past. Also appreciate the fast delivery.

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Megan G. (Cessnock, NSW, AU)
It's 5 stars for us

We love our epic water container and will never go without! Thank you for clean water 🙏

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
George C. (Gold Coast, QLD, AU)
Water filter works well

The filter removes all the chlorine taste from city water. Our family likes the taste of the filtered water.

filter works great

Epic Pure | Removes Fluoride
Carlos N. (Sydney, NSW, AU)

Great filter, very happy!

Epic Nano Pitcher Replacement Filter
Kim A.T. (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Dredging water

Best filter available. Water has never tasted so delicious

Epic Pure Dispenser
Sharon A. (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Beautiful water

I’m really enjoying the pure, clean taste of the water from this filtered dispenser.

Epic Pure | Removes Fluoride
Chloe H. (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
The name says it all...

I recently purchased a filter hug and multiple filter packs. Yes it might seem pricey but definitely worth the investment when you can literally taste the lack of chemicals in the filtered water. It's disturbing they are trying to prevent human evolution for last hundred years by committing our pineal gland (third eye) with fluoride. I'm. Not sure most realise what is happening but if you want to see how magical and cool the world really us around you then I recommend cutting fluoride and other chemicals out of water/toothpaste etc. Everyone I get to try water side by shocked and amazed by difference/curious to know more. Recommended! The owners service is lovely too! 👌

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Lauren D. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
The BEST tasting water

I have been using Epic water filters for several years now and won’t drink anything else! Having new filters delivered automatically every 6 months means that I never have to think about it, yet always know that the water I’m drinking is excellent quality.

Epic Pure Pitcher Filter | Multi-Packs
Chloe H. (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Awesome all round! Highly recommend!

Both the service and the products are amazing. I bought a filter hug and a filter pack and the taste of the water says everything!
I regularly get others to try the water and they're all dumbfounded by the difference and why on earth our government would be putting these chemicals in our drinking water against our will!
It's a little pricey but definitely good quality and worth the $$. Service from owners is first rate.
Great for those who like to keep their pineal glabd/third eye decalcified to see the world around us as it really is!
Thanks heaps guys! :)

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Claudia (Liverpool, NSW, AU)
Solid water filter

I have had my water filter for over a year now and it is still providing me lovely clean water and I drink a lot of water every day so it gets good usage.

Epic Nalgene OG | Water Filtration Bottle
Georgia T. (Formby, ENG, GB)
This bottle is amazing

I’m super happy with this bottle, I bought it because I’m travelling and wanted to be able to have clean water where ever I go. It has not let me down once! The water tastes great and I’m really grateful for it. Highly recommend :)

Epic Nano Pitcher Replacement Filter
Douglas H. (Perth, WA, AU)
Pure, pure water

Wow, what a difference from our ordinary tap water, with all the chemicals that are in the water, including some nasty stuff, its a wonder we aren't all very sick. BUT, not anymore. The difference with Epicwater is absolutely amazing. I have tried other brands but none are as effective as Epicwater. And when tap water is tasted again, it is really foul.

Epic Nano Dispenser
Narelle H. (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Epic Nano Dispenser

Very happy with our Epic Nano water filter. Water tastes amazing.