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Epic glass water bottle

I bought the epic glass water bottle for my wife for her bday because she smashed her Lorna Jane one. Found you guys, thought I’d try it as she lives the filtered water. She absolutely loves her bottle, it’s such good quality too, we are very happy with the purchase 😁

Last water bottle I will buy

This water bottle is glass, and has the filter, you cant get cleaner water than this. The construction of the bottle with the silicon just feels right. This will be the last water bottle you will ever need

Epic Nalgene Review

This product is awesome. I can have filtered water at work, at the airport, anywhere. It's great! Love it!! I plan to order more for family members.

great water filter

what I like best about the epic water filter is that it takes out all the toxins and leaves in the minerals. Then the water tastes wonderful.

Great taste

This product was easy to install and the taste of the water is better than the Brita pitcher we were using for years

Great filter, amazing customer service - bottle could use some improvements

I had already been using the Urban Filter on another bottle I purchased a few months ago and was really impressed with it. The filters last a lot longer than other filters l've used, and do a much better job at keeping the flavor of the water great tasting and consistent across sources. If I were rating just the filter, I would give it five stars. However, this review is specific to the Eco-Tritan bottle.

Since the bottle I originally purchased was a little large for traveling, I purchased a an Eco-Tritan bottle. The size is perfect to carry around with me when I travel, and it's the perfect size (IMO) for short hikes. The bottle seems to be pretty durable because I've dropped it a few times and it is not leaking. There are three things I would improve:

1. The non-slip base is not securely attached to the bottle. Once, when I pulled the bottle out of my car's cup holder, the bottom popped off, rolled out of the car and was lost. Fortunately, this company stands behind their products and sent me another bottle. I glued the new base on the new bottle with super-glue.

2. The filter is large and displaces a lot of water. I often slightly over-fill the bottle and spill water all over the place. Adding a max-fill line would be very helpful.

3. The plastic lid that covers the top doesn't seem necessary. As I mentioned earlier, I've dropped the bottle a few times. The bottle itself was not damaged, the plastic lid broke off. I'm using the bottle without it and it's fine.

Overall, this is a great product by a great company. I plan on buying another bottle once the .75ml camel back compatible lid becomes available.

The Outback Stainless Steel Water Bottle

I love it, very practical! The water taste a million time better! ❤️

The Greatest Water Filter from Epic

We were immediately impressed by the quality and freshness of the water that came out of the the pitcher we purchased from Epic, and everyday, we count the number of plastic bottles we’re NOT having to recycle and the money it’s saving us! Love this company 😊👍

Love this company!

I had a crack in my water bottle and I called up and they had one ordered for me and sent to my house in 3 days. It was quick with no hassle👍🏻 They are always super helpful and I love their products! Glad I found this water bottle company😊

Epic pure water filter pitcher

Received the package quickly after order and very happy with the filter capabilities so far. Easy to use and very clean tasting. We opted for the automatic filter replacement program and received an additional 20% off our purchase as well.

As advertised

Everything is working EPICLY so far. I haven't had to buy bottled water using the urban filter with my metal water bottle and even though there is still plastic involved it is nice that thier is less. I am really enjoying it and plan to get ones for the entire family

Great tasting water has never been so convenient!

A great purchase with excellent service.


Make clean great tasting water.

We love the kiddo epic water bottle.

My son LOVES that he has his very own water bottle and I love knowing that he is getting the best quality water possible. He takes his water bottle to school every day and asks me to fill it at least twice a day. This is more water than he ever drank normally. I know its improving his overall health. I recommend this water bottle to anyone and everyone who has children!
We also own the Epic Water Pitcher which I made a review for on my YouTube channel...

Wow - love the video review!!! Thanks so much!!! Cheers, Joel
Epic Nalgene OG

We love our Epic Nalgene Water Bottles. They are awesome. We are drinking more water every day. Thanks. Love your product.

Epic Nalgene OG | 32 oz

Best customer service

First off, the kiddo water bottle is so great and easy to use for my four year-old. Second, hands down amazing customer service. They not only are so pleasant and friendly on the phone but they also go above and beyond to help. The money is well spent here. Many thanks!

Epic Smart Shield first time user

Easy to set up and doesn’t take up much space. Water tastes good and has good pressure out of the dedicated faucet. Only compaint is it was missing a few parts needed to hook up to our filtered water faucet but Epic was fast to respond and send replacements quickly. Thanks!

Excellent Service and Superb Product

Have been using the filter for the past 4 months. Gives great tasting water at a good cost.

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher | Navy Blue | Removes Fluoride

Actually life changing we will never be without it. Just a normal couple here living in a normal apartment but boy can I tell the difference. Our city pumps chlorine in twice a month and u can smell how bad it is the days they do that. With this filter the smell is gone and it’s pure. It’s not magic, it’s science.

Great customer service

The bottle is very handy and the customer service is great. They even replaced the entire produce free of charge when I had a problem with the seal in the lid leaking.

Great Bottle

Bottle and filter do a great job. Like everything this bottle has to offer. Customer service is phenomenal and top notch.


Easy, inexpensive, and removes more contaminants that some of the best filters out there.

Handy hiking buddy

I enjoy camping and hiking out to areas along mountain rivers and streams. I've carried my epic outdoor filter along allowing for water as needed. It's easy to use and it works. While I don't typically drink through straws, this one serves a purpose and draws water through the filter with ease. I do recommend both the urban filter and the outdoor filter for all of life's adventures.

Great filter

Water tastes great and filters out fluoride.
Best of all the filters are made in the USA.
Only thing better would be if the pitchers were too!