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Epic Water Filters Everyday Filter
Bernadette T. (Perth, WA, AU)
Happy with this great water jug

I use this water to drink and my plants are also thriving with it. Happy purchase; and get small discount with the filter being automatically sent every few months

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Sientje T. (Adelaide, SA, AU)
Epic Pure water pitcher Replacement

Glad with the purchase, the support team is amazing, assisted with tracking the delivery👍👍

Vostok Filtered & Insulated Water Bottle

I have been using this bottle for over a month and am very happy with it; Easy to open and drink from and has all the features I was looking for in a bottle including filtration, insulation and a good capacity, especially handy whilst travelling as you can fill anywhere. Would highly recommend.

Epic Nano Pitcher Replacement Filter
Joe B. (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Excellent filter

I appreciate that the Nano filter also filters out viruses as well as bacteria, protozoa, etc. It has been great, producing clean tasting water free of any chlorine aroma or any other impurities detectable through taste or smell. I'm happy to have the peace of mind that any bad stuff is being removed. This filter will be handy if we are ever obliged to drink rainwater from the roof. Excellent quality of service from this company - they always respond quickly to queries and resolve issues in a way that has always satisfied me as a customer.

Epic Nano Pitcher Replacement Filter
Leon M. (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Excellant Customer Service and Great Product!

I recently placed an order for a refill of filters... Due to 100% MY error I ordered the wrong thing without realizing. Not knowing I tried to use the incorrect filter and it just wasn't working so emailed support.

The service I received was honestly above and beyond. At no cost to me they replaced the filters I had wrongly ordered with the correct ones without giving me a hard time at all.

Could not recommend enough.

Epic Water Filters Everyday Filter
Ashley W. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
My fav water bottle!

I’m absolutely obsessed with my epic water filters, it’s so handy having the subscription & I don’t go anywhere without my Nalgene bottle anymore. It’s seriously attached to me! I’ve recommended so many friends who have invested & they love it too! Highly recommend

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Brenda G. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Best water filter ever.

Loving the Epic Pure dispenser, holds enough water for the whole family. 5 stars.

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Kylie M. (Adelaide, SA, AU)
Received super fast

Water tastes incredible!

Love it.. Water doesn’t taste as harsh..

Ive had the filtered pitcher gift from my brother, for my home use, and I like it water doesn’t taste harsh. Straight off from the tap, and water through the filter.. Like a softer taste of water for drinking. Purchased a bottle for my outdoors drinking, and used it for my travels thru varying cities. Similarly clean, no harsh taste from the waters.

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
John S. (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
It works. Filters water.

It works. Filters water.

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Mrs E.A.C. (Bomaderry, NSW, AU)
Filter lifespan not achieved

We have had the jug/filter for some time now and the system has worked very well.
However this time around the filter only lasted 2/3 of the usual time span. This makes the use of the system quite expensive .

Unlike regular filters, our filters slow down and stop when they are full of contaminants. We see this as a positive due to storms, bushfires or other factors that at different times of the year see more contaminants than usual entering the water supply.

Whilst our filters will normally see out the 3 months we advertise, we hope our customers see the benefit of filters that perform better than others and let you know that they have.

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Robyn T. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Love drinking my fresh clear clean water

I love knowing that I’m taking out as many unnecessary additives and impurities as I can but added to that the delight of drinking water that taste so fresh and so clear and so clean. It just makes it such a good investment for my taste buds as well as for my health!!

Outdoor Adventure Filter
Marie G. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Fits Bottle Well and Tastes Good

I love knowing that I am drinking clean water by using my bottle filter! It is so convenient to have clean water easily accessible at home, work or when I'm out on an adventure. It did take me a little bit of time to adjust to the resistance of sucking water through a filter, but I love my filter and am sure that you will too!

Epic Pure | Removes Fluoride
Matthew I. (Jakarta, JK, ID)
Fresh water anytime

I can immediately taste the differences of drinking tapped water, bottled water and filtered water using Epic's filter. Filtered water tastes very fresh and natural.

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Nancy P. (Melbourne, VIC, AU)

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter

Satisfied customer

Had my jug for nearly 6 months now. No complaints. Really happy with the customer service - all seamless, unlike my previous supplier, which is why I changed over.



Epic Pure | Removes Fluoride
SYP (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Easy care & good quality

I wanted to remove flooride from tap water. Comapared with the reverse osmosis system, it is easy to install and care and water taste is good.

Epic Pure Dispenser
Megan G. (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Epic as described!

I absolutely love my epic water dispenser. It suits our family just great. The purest tasting water and very cost effective! Couldn't survive without it anymore!

Epic Nalgene OG | Water Filtration Bottle
Paul C. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)

I have the 1 litre otg bottle which is solid gear. I also use the pitcher which is good and the stats indicate they do an epic job of filtering out the poisons in the water supplies. Yes it turns the frogs gay.

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Germine G. (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Water tastes great

I purchased this to filter my tap water. Though now my kids can't drink anything else. Makes the water taste so fresh. I love it.

Great taste

I brought this bottle to use at work, I'm a miner in Western Australia, and it's a known fact that the water at site are not the best (hard water), this helps make the water from the tap taste like nice sweet soft tasting water. Love this

Pure Water Jug Replacement Filter
Perine S. (Singapore, SG)
Satisfied User!

I chanced upon Epic water filter system a few years ago and am very happy with the filter which I have been a regular user since then. I tested using the filtered water in my electrical steamer and found no trace of residual on the base of steamer unlike when using unfiltered water. The filtered water is really useful for making my kombucha and other things like mixing my organic hair colour. I am considering getting the portable water bottle for travelling.


Works very well and filtered water seems to be of high quality. Would definitely recommend and repurchase.

Epic Nano Pitcher Replacement Filter
Laurina (Brisbane, QLD, AU)

My filter was blocked up for some reason and Epic Water Filters send me without making it a headache for me just a replacement. Quick and so easy I was amazed. Thanks for that!