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Epic Nano Pitcher Replacement Filter
Hemal (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Great Filters!

I've been using Epic Water filters for years and find them to be great at filtering out all the contaminants in my tap water. I particularly like the Epic Water dispenser as it carries a large amount of water to last throughout the day and more. I did a lot of research on water filters and this one came up to be the most effective. Highly recommend Epic Water to anyone.

Epic Pure Pitcher Filter | Multi-Packs
Amanda (Sydney, NSW, AU)
This is a must have!!!!

This has literally transformed my health, 💯 get this product

A must have when Travelling

We purchased 2 of these epic water bottles for our trip abroad. For piece of mind these are a must have. Even though we didn't envision drinking contaminated water it pays to be doubly cautious when not in your own country. Big enough to hold water for a days hiking and sturdy when dropped. A thumbs up purchase from us. Many thanks

Epic Nalgene OG | Water Filtration Bottle
Heather W. (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Great bottle for all round use

Very happy with my purchase. Great size & really happy to know I’m drinking clean water

Epic Nano | Removes Bacteria / Virus
Claire (Auckland, AUK, NZ)
Very Satisfied

I was delighted to see this product available to Kiwis to purchase from Australia and the order and delivery was easy and prompt. The jug works well and the water filters through quickly so I am well in the swing of using it now. Thanks very much for the wonderful service.

Epic Pure | Removes Fluoride
Debra E. (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Peace of Mind

Since receiving my EpicWater Filter Jug, I have peace of mind knowing I am consuming CLEAN water. If you, like me are worried about what is in our tap water, then don't hesitate to purchase one. I haven't looked back. Oh and the taste and smell difference is very noticeable.

Epic Water Filters Everyday Filter
Fernando (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Awesome Product!

All the epic filters we use and have the filters work well! Doens't matter which one it is, Epic jug, epic water dispenser, and nalgene bottles. Highly recommend!

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Angela O. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
April review

Very happy with my Epic filter. Water tastes great.
When I had a question for the support team, they responded quickly, great service.

Great bottle, excellent fillter

This is my secound water bottle ive purchased. Last one was about 2 years old and smaller size decided to upgrade. Definitely recommended

Epic Pure Pitcher Filter | Multi-Packs
Jerry J. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
epic is awesome

Best tasting water while removing more contaminants than most other filters. I'm a fan

Epic Nano Pitcher Replacement Filter
Fernando (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Awesome Product!

Have been using Epic Filters and other Epic products for a while now. We use the water jug, water dispenser and drink bottles. Water never tasted so good!! Definately recommend.

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Andrea S. (Pine Mountain Club, CA, US)
Love my filter

Love my filterBecause the water taste so good! No other filter works like this one!

Epic Nalgene OG Grande | 48 oz
Samantha (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Great product - Nalgene w.bottle

True to description. Works well. 1.4L bottle, ease to replace filter. Easy to drink.

Epic Pure Pitcher Filter | Multi-Packs
Laura B. (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Very satisfied

Love our epic water filter. You can always taste the difference when you forget to fill it and have to drink tap water. You can also see the build up after a few months…..Always makes me glad that build up
Hadn’t been ingested!

Best Jug Water Filter

I've been using EPIC water filters for my jug for about 3 years now. I find they are the best quality and remove more chemicals than the other cartridges from other companies. I only want the best. The water feels so soft and clean' and I even give my dog the filtered water too. Highly recommended.

Epic Water Filters Everyday Filter
Emma L. (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Love my filter bottle

I have the epic filter everyday glass 1L bottle and the jug too - I love both and I can’t live without them!
The only issues I have are that the bottle is quite heavy, and the jug is so large it doesn’t fit in my fridge! But overall really great products.

Epic Nano Pitcher Replacement Filter
TP (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Incredible customer service

Amazing customer service for an amazing product, which brings piece of mind to my family. Thank you

Great product!

Very happy with the products, great service.

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Patrick R. (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Seems good

Water tastes good, have not tested it. Jug works reasonably well. Filter was slow once, but subsequent ones seems better.

Epic Nano | Removes Bacteria / Virus
Gary G. (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Epic nano

Highly recommended it filters the water effectively.

Epic Pure | Removes Fluoride
Viktoria B. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Worth buying

Great product. Saves a lot of money

Review of the epic filter replacement

Item received well, very well packaged and no damages and fixing it back is a breeze, water taste as great as before and I know that the next 6 months I will be drinking safe clean water ! Thanks epic team I really love the product the the benefits I have been getting

Epic Water Review

So far I am very happy with the filter. Water tastes better and for one person it is sufficient to meet my needs.

Epic Pure Water Pitcher Replacement Filter.

Everything fits and works very well. Very fast delivery - thank you.

Epic Pure | Removes Fluoride
Ralph H. (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Pure water

The filtered water tastes like pure water. Nuff said!