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It is easy to use. Easy to setup. Delivery very fast. fast response to queries via email.

Great water server!

This makes taste clear and pure. This is the Best Buy!

Nano Jug Replacement Filter
Gerard P. (Singapore, SG)

Great product

Pure Water Filter Jug | Removes Fluoride
Evelyn Y. (Singapore, SG)
Pure Water Filter Jug

I spent a long time looking for a jug filter that filters most impurities including Fluorine (or is it Fluoride?). It took me a year and finally found Epic. Saves me a lot of time purifying my tap water and very easy to use. Highly recommend to anyone who needs a fuss free way to obtain clean drinking water.

great stuff!

the filter is handy and fits on my hydroflask, nalgene and oasis bottles! Perfect!

Simple is best!

Got the filter jug. I get the replacement filters sent automatically every 3 months. Nice and simple solution. Highly recommended.

Pure Water Jug Replacement Filter
W.S.Hooi (Singapore, SG)

Good quality and prompt delivery.

Pure Water Jug Replacement Filter
Vin. S. (Singapore, SG)
Smoother water, smoothest subscription

First replacement filter - the smooth water from Epicwater filters has been a godsend for me during my frequent, heavy ulcer episodes

Pure Water Jug Replacement Filter
Jonathan K. (Singapore, SG)

Pure Water Jug Replacement Filter

Review of the epic filter replacement

Item received well, very well packaged and no damages and fixing it back is a breeze, water taste as great as before and I know that the next 6 months I will be drinking safe clean water ! Thanks epic team I really love the product the the benefits I have been getting

Good taste

Very easy to use. Taste is good

Good Quality

Very good quality and fast delivery. Will purchase again

Fresh Tasting Water with Epic Pure Filter

I had been looking out for a filter that removes contaminants in the treated piped water including flouride. I read a lot on the dangers of having too much flouride in the water. I am so glad bought the Epic Pure Dispenser. The water tastes better and fresher! Am reassured that I am drinking clean, good quality water.

Nano filter

Water taste good

Filter dispenser for the family!

It’s been a month since I got the dispenser. My family enjoys using it and I appreciate that it’s easy to use and maintain, and that we have cleaner drinking water. I hope it’s doing a great job keeping our water clean as compared to previous filters I’ve had. I believe it is so far and our dog likes it too.

Love it.. Water doesn’t taste as harsh..

Ive had the filtered pitcher gift from my brother, for my home use, and I like it water doesn’t taste harsh. Straight off from the tap, and water through the filter.. Like a softer taste of water for drinking. Purchased a bottle for my outdoors drinking, and used it for my travels thru varying cities. Similarly clean, no harsh taste from the waters.

Pure Water Jug Replacement Filter
Perine S. (Singapore, SG)
Satisfied User!

I chanced upon Epic water filter system a few years ago and am very happy with the filter which I have been a regular user since then. I tested using the filtered water in my electrical steamer and found no trace of residual on the base of steamer unlike when using unfiltered water. The filtered water is really useful for making my kombucha and other things like mixing my organic hair colour. I am considering getting the portable water bottle for travelling.


Love this filter. My son asked how it can possibly make the water so, so yummy, and we are all the most hydrated we’ve ever been. I had some assumptions about the plastic and about what’s needed to remove fluoride, that I wish I’d researched properly much sooner, as I’d have owned this filter a lot earlier! Great tasting water and fantastic peace of mind.

Excellent product

I absolutely love Epic Water filters. I always drink tap water as I don’t accept plastic water bottles. Leaving in hot environment, and hating the taste of tap water I ended up dehydrated and exhausted. My friend advised me about Epic Water Filters. No I have jug for family use and recently bought a bottle with filter for my husband. We love it. Now I drink a good amount of water every day with pleasure!
Thank you Epic Water Filters 🥰

Pure Water Filter Jug | Removes Fluoride
Guek N.E. (Singapore, SG)
Pure Water Filter Jug

I used 1 filter pitcher, it was a mess and I gave up long ago. Recently I looked for what I need i.e. a simple filter Jug to eliminate chlorine and other contaminants. Singapore tap water is consider safe from bacteria otherwise people will not be able to drink direct from tap water. So that's settle this part. I am happy now that I can drink pure water without chlorine, fluoride etc. Hope it will improve my health gradually as my skin is sensitive. I find that the filter is good and the jug easy to manage for cleaning. Please continue your good service. Thank You.

Everywhere Filter
Jedidiah L. (Singapore, SG)
Water Filter For Nalgene Bottle

Having a water filter in my bottle makes drinking water so convenient and fun! I don’t have to worry about finding a water cooler, but every tap instantly becomes a viable source of water for me. The straw also makes drinking water much more convenient and enjoyable!

Pure Water Filter Jug | Removes Fluoride

Pure Water Jug Replacement Filter
Chris C. (Singapore, SG)

Reliable subscription and product

Best jug filter I’ve had

I’ve tried several jug filters, but none with the reassurance of quality that Epic has, especially to deal with fluoride. The last jug filter I tried had a frustratingly small capacity - not enough to fill a kettle, and it had no info or specs on how it handled fluoride. I was looking for a replacement when I discovered Epic's jug filters. It's sterling specs and rigorous standards stood out for me. The fact that the jug filters fluoride and has a much larger capacity made it a no brainer to go for it. I live in a building with 50-year-old pipes and now my water tastes better.
I also love the customer experience - swift delivery, eco-conscious packaging, quality build of the jug and filter, and option to schedule delivery of fresh filters - I no longer have to remember to buy filters or where to store them in my limited kitchen cabinet space. And when a new filter arrives, I know it’s time for a filter change.
I’m really enjoying the Epic water experience.

Pure Water Jug Replacement Filter
Novi (Tampines New Town, SG)
Epic water Filter

I am pleased with the Epic Water flask and thus had also gifted them to my siblings last Christmas. Good things should be shared ;). The filter subscription helps to remind me time to change filter. Recently, there was a mixed up of delivery quantity but the supplier was quick to rectify the issues after I contacted them. Great Job!