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Chemicals in Tap Water

What chemicals are in my water?

Many prominent scientists & physicians are alarmed by the content of our tap water and are actively seeking to change the processes involved. The practice of making water safe to drink actually involves adding large amounts of extremely poisonous chemicals to it. Key scientists are now providing evidence that long-term ingestion of small amounts of chemicals like these could be the cause of some major health problems.

Here is a list of just a few of the chemicals routinely found in our water supply:

Liquified chlorine
Chloramine (Formed when ammonia and chlorine are added to treat drinking water)
Fluorosilicic acid
Aluminium sulphate
Calcium hydroxide
Sodium silicofluoride
MTBE (Gasoline additive)
Bishenol A - is commonly called BPA

Many of the known chemicals found in drinking water are removed or reduced by the Epic Smart Shield under the sink water filter.  The Epic Smart Shield has been tested & certified against 3 different NSF Standards for water contaminant removal.  

Even if the water leaves the source in a relatively clean state, don't forget that your water travels through pipes, which may have been underground since Victorian times. It is almost impossible for the water not to become contaminated by something undesirable.

Long term health effects of chemicals in tap water

Depending on the chemical found in your water, it could lead to any number of ailments including premature birth, autism, cancer, reproductive problems for both men and women and damage to the cardiovascular system and kidneys.