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Tap Water Resource Center


When it comes to contaminated water supplies in the United States, we've compiled some of the most current and relevant public data and listed it here in one place for you to educate yourself. Whether you'd like to check up your own community's levels of lead or PFOA, watch a brief video about the history of fluoride use, or just get an overall view of the most evident and dangerous contaminants in our drinking water...

Worried about your tap water? Check out EWG's Tap Water Database to find out what is your local water. Just enter your zip code. (Click Here)'ve landed in the right spot. We've done the legwork. Now, we urge you to explore specific contaminants listed here to the left and what it means for your health.

Already done your research and committed to achieving healthy drinking water for you and your family? We've got you covered. Have a look at our world-class water filtration products here below. All our home filtration, pitchers/jugs and bottles come with one filter already inside. Boom!

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