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Plastic pollution is an ongoing and huge issue for the beaches of Singapore and Epic Water Filters is proud to announce partnerships with two very important social enterprises here - The Litter Club and The Ocean Purpose Project - two amazing groups of people dedicated to education and behavioral change in the way we look at single use plastic and the impact on our environment.

Not only does water surround us everywhere in Singapore, it quenches us, it nourishes us and is at the very heart of our personal heath and wellness. It is, without doubt, the fabric of life. Yet still we pollute our waterways and our oceans, and single use plastic remains the biggest challenge in protecting our environment.

Both TLC and OPP work tirelessly to clean up Singapore's beautiful shoreline, educate Singaporeans on the impact plastic is having on our local environment and help offer solutions to support behavioral change to end plastic pollution.


Steps in the right direction.
Over the weekend our Epic team joined The Litter Club & the Ocean Purpose Project in their monthly beach clean ups. ⁠⁠


As we know by now - the sea’s currents create vortexes trapping plastics, and in the collection are plastic drinking straws and other single use items containing plastics that cannot be broken down so easily. It’s almost like an archeological trip, you never know what you are going to find, and you’re almost always shocked with what and how much you do find at the end of the day…⁠⁠