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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Water Questions

What's wrong with drinking tap water?

Will there be a difference in taste?

What is BPA and why are people concerned about it?

Where does the fluoride in water come from?

What makes fluoride different from other water treatment chemicals?

How are activated coconut carbon filters made?

Does a TDS meter measure fluoride or lead?

Epic Pure & Nano Pitcher / Jug

How do I clean my Pitcher / Jug?

How much lead does the Epic Pure & Epic Nano pitchers remove?

How many cups of filtered water does the Epic Pure & Epic Nano hold at a time?

How long does it take to filter a completely filled upper reservoir? And, does this time increase over the lifespan of the filter?

Do either of the Epic Pure or the Epic Nano Pitchers remove PFCs (PFOA & PFOS)?

My Nano or Pure filter is running slow, is that normal?

What contaminants does your Pitcher / Jug Filter remove?

How do I use the timer on top of the pitcher?

My timer on top of my pitcher quit working, now what?

How do I flush my pitcher filter?

Why is water leaking around the top of my filter on my water pitcher?

I just got my filter, but the instructions show a filter with three holes and mine has only one. Do I have the wrong filter?

General Epic Water Bottle Questions

I already have a filter at home. Why do I need a filtration bottle?

Can I really fill up from any tap?

How hard is it to suck water through the straw?

Why is no water coming out?

Why is it sucking air?

How do I clean my bottle?

Why is my bottle leaking?

Where are the bottles made?

Are the filters interchangeable for the water bottles?

Do your filters remove fluoride?

The Vostock

How long does the water stay cold? Is this bottle double insulated?

The Answer

Does it come with a bottle?

The Escape Glass Bottle

I dropped my bottle and it what?

General Filter Questions

What's the difference between the Pure filter and the Nano filter?

Do your filters remove microplastics?

How do the filters work?

Where are the filters manufactured?

How do I know when to replace my filter?

Can I filter fresh water from lakes, rivers, and streams?

Can I filter salt water or seawater?

Will bacteria grow in my filter if I leave it unused for a long time?

How do I recycle my filter?

How is the filter able to keep good minerals in the water?

Does Your Filter Remove Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)?

Can these filters be used with well water?

What type of material is used to make your filters?

Can the filter withstand hot water?

How long will my filter last?

Water is filtering very slowly. Is this normal?

NSF/ANSI Standards & Contaminant Questions

Where are the testing certification pages for your filters?

Are Epic Filters NSF/ANSI certified?

What are NSF/ANSI standards?

Why can't I find your company listed on the NSF/ANSI site?

Do your filters remove Chlorine and/or Chloramine?

Do your filters remove cysts, pesticides, herbicides, or estrogens?

Does your filter remove Chromium 6?

Your filters remove 90% of fluoride - does this change as the filter reaches the end of its life?

Do you have any information regarding PFOA and PFOS?

What does it mean when you say "Tested to NSF/ANSI Standards"?

Epic Urban Bottle Filter Questions

What contaminants does your Epic Urban Filter remove?

Do I need to flush my Epic Urban bottle filter?

What is the Urban Filter made of?

Epic Outdoor Bottle Filter Questions

What contaminants does your Epic Outdoor Filter remove?

Do I need to flush my Epic Outdoor bottle filter?

What is the Outdoor Filter made of?

Clean Water Club (Save 10%)

What is the Clean Water Club?

How do I change my Clean Water Club address?

How do I change my Clean Water Club frequency?

How do I change my payment method on my Clean Water Club subscription?

I have the Clean Water Club subscription, but now I have too many filters. Is there any way I can pause my subscription?

I no longer want the same filter. Is there any way I can swap out mine for a different one?

I can't sign into my account. What's going on?