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About Epic Syndicate

Ready To Change The World?

Join Us In Our Fight Against Single Use Plastic Water Bottles.

Want To Join?

We are looking for people who are....

Passionate about the environment and their interest like camping, yoga, cross fit, keto, parenting, swimming, biking, cooking, etc.


Epic Syndicate members enjoy sharing their successes, and sometimes failures, with their community. They are passionate about the earth, training, competing, and pursuing new adventures while sharing their story and the benefits that Epic Water Filters products bring to their pursuits. 

Community Driven

Our best team members are those that are involved in their community, and not just in their own pursuits. They participate in and give back to their community by hosting seminars or clinics, coaching, blogging, generating exciting social media content, and are willing to trade their time for the benefit of others.


Epic Syndicate members are well respected by their peers and within their community. They are the people that others go to when they have a question, need help, or are looking for inspiration.


Be an advocate for the earth & for us. We want you to know about our passions, our products, use them in a variety of ways, and act as a spokesperson with whom Epic Water Filters and our customers are proud to be associated with. 


Your feedback is vital to our success. We want to hear your ideas for improving our products and strengthening the Epic Water Filters brand by communicating directly with us and through email & phone. 


We are always looking for Syndicate Team members. Please tell us about yourself by providing as much information as possible in the sponsorship application. Your information will never be shared with anyone, but will be used to contact you. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older to participate. Once you've applied, you can expect a response within 2-3 weeks.